China Custom Ensign Heavy Industries Sell 80HP CZPT for Paddy Field with Free Design Custom

Product Description

Ensign Company scorching sale  agriculture machinery 55HP/50HP/60HP/70HP/80HP 90HP/100HP/120Hp/140HP/150HP/160HP/180HP/220HP/200HP 4wd Farm Tractor Manufactured in China  Product YX804-C

Powerful Power
Quanchai engine is adopted for superior functionality, robust electrical power and large financial positive aspects.
The emission is upgraded continually. Improved functionality provides decrease gas use and big torque reserve, large dependability and much more innovative technologies.

Substantial Trustworthiness
Bolstered entrance, drinking water-anti axle with great seal improves the trustworthiness.
Strengthened independent control double-motion clutch is adopted as standard configuration, contributing to higher reliability.
Personal adjustment electricity situation lifter and double stress lifter is outfitted as normal configuration, contributes to increased reliability
Enlarged and incorruptible plastic gasoline tank, new variety of dry air filter, for a longer time support time
The hydraulic system uses oil individually and adopts 24° cone seal, ensuring the cleanliness, lower fault and substantial reliability.

Higher Adaptability
Drive level changing elevator is geared up as common, and substantial stress elevator is optional, contributing to higher adaptability.
Two team hydraulic output is adopted as standard, and one-way as optional, enabling the CZPT to adapt to a variety of farmlands and transport work.
Semi-detached two-speed electrical power output with 3 combinations of 540/760rpm, 540/1000rpm and 760/1000rpm empower the CZPT to work in different sites.
There are many choices of tires. Paddy tires with specifications of 9.5-24/14.9-30 can be outfitted as optional, escalating the passing capacity.
Air brakes can be outfitted as CZPT to meet the demand from customers of hooking up the trailer.

Cozy Driving
Sliding sleeve gearbox with change gears of 12F & 12R features realistic speed match. Synchronizer as optional, a lot more easier to operate
The clutch adopts the hanging pedal sort, which is practical and totally free to stage on. The principal and auxiliary transmissions are operated on the aspect, and the procedure is versatile and mild.
Full hydraulic steering method is adopted for straightforward driving and adaptable steering.
Adjustable steering wheel contributes to comfort.
Streamlined design of the tractor human body enhances heat equilibrium and contributes to aesthetic visual appeal.
Adopting vibration-damping flat ground and CZPT sealed cab, which has good sealing overall performance, low vibration and low sounds of the whole machine. Rear-see digicam and GPS can be geared up as optional.

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