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1BQ collection Hefty duty energy pushed harrow item description

1BQ sequence Large duty energy driven harrow solution description
1BQ series Hefty obligation power driven harrow is a cooperation in between ZheJiang Euro Star Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd. and Italian CMR Team Organization, specifically developed and produced for complicated soil conditions, with realistic construction, dependable overall performance, quick device change, overload security and other rewards.
1BQ collection Weighty responsibility energy pushed harrow can choose doing work width of 2-4M, and can be employed with eighty-160HP tractors. It has the rewards of excellent soil crushing effect, smooth floor soon after soil planning, great moisture retention effect, no hurt to soil structure and layering, and neat seedbed emergence charge. It is the 1st decision for farm administrators.
1BQ collection Hefty responsibility electricity driven harrow a very good ending result specifically for the unbreakable big clods and humidity ditch that seem soon after deep ploughing. In terms of seedbed and seedbed finishing, the power-pushed harrow is the greatest functioning machine at existing. After ending, it can meet the agronomic requirements of “flat, tidy, unfastened, broken, thoroughly clean, and moisture articles” of the land, providing excellent soil situations for seed germination.

1BQ sequence Weighty duty energy pushed harrow merchandise promoting details
1. Strong soil crushing capacity, specializing in unbreakable clods.
2. Strengthen the leveling board, which has a very good finishing effect for the uneven land right after deep ploughing. Ensure that the land is stage and there is no dampness ditch.
three. Large-duty repression roller, the soil after finishing is solid on the prime and the base is empty, so it can be directly sown, and the soil dampness is assured to ensure that the seedbed emerges neatly.
4. Maintain the soil structure layered. Soon after deep ploughing, the straw and grass have been pressed into the soil. The horizontal CZPT framework of the power-pushed harrow and the attributes of the knife condition will not switch the straw up, which is conducive to the rot and decomposition of the straw.
five. Adopt Italian CMR Team specific transmission box, large-electricity spiral bevel gear design, robust bearing capacity.
six. The plug-in rapid-alter blade structure is practical and swift to replace the rake.
seven. Shafts and gears are manufactured of titanium alloy and processed by superior heat treatment process.
eight. The 16mm thick alloy steel harrow blade is utilised, which has better dress in resistance and toughness after special remedy.
9. The large-density drum style is adopted, and much more than 2 sets of drums are extra to the typical drive harrow, which improves the soil crushing result.
ten. The soil following deep ploughing will type a great seedbed and seedbed, and increase the neat emergence charge in the afterwards stage.
11. Bolster the gear box placing, robust and sturdy.
twelve. Main transmission of major transmission box with larger energy.
thirteen. Tremendous massive bearing is selected to lessen the failure charge.
fourteen. The intermediate gear spline shaft and the principal generate spline shaft are thicker and more tough.
5.  The locking place of every single group of gear plum blossom cap and the large plum blossom cap are locked, with basic framework and never ever loose.

1BQ sequence Weighty obligation power pushed harrow product parameters

Design 1BQ-2. 1BQ-2.five 1BQ-3. 1BQ-3.five 1BQ-4.
Operating width(mm) 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000
Operating depth(mm) 50-two hundred 50-two hundred fifty-two hundred fifty-two hundred 50-200
No of CZPT combination(computer) eight 10 12 fourteen 16
No of Scraper blade(personal computer) sixteen twenty 24 28 32
fat(KG) 1200 1400 1620 1880 2080
Bare minimum electricity(HP) 80 HP ninety HP one hundred ten HP a hundred and forty HP one hundred sixty HP
Biggest energy(HP) one hundred ten HP 125 HP 160 HP 210 HP 250 HP
All round dimension(mm) 2100*1500*1240 2600*1500*1240 3100*1500*1240 3600*1500*1240 4100*1500*1240
Linkage   3-point suspension II type& III type     Three-point suspension II sort& III type

1BQ sequence Heavy responsibility electrical power pushed harrow images demonstrate

1BZD sequence hydraulic folding hefty obligation disc harrow item parameters

Model 1BZD-6.5 1BZD-7.5 1BZD-8.5 1BZD-9. 1BZD-9.5
Diameter of disc(mm) 660 660 660 660 660
Weight (kg) 7000 7200 7500 7650 8300
Working width (mm) 6500 7500 8500 9000 9500
Doing work depth (mm) 180-220 one hundred eighty-220 180-220 a hundred and eighty-220 a hundred and eighty-220
Nos of disc blade 64 72 80 eighty four 88
Matched energy (hp) 300 350 four hundred four hundred 500

1BZ sequence hydraulic large disc harrow product parameters

Design 1BZ-2.2 1BZ-2.five 1BZ-3. 1BZ-3.4 1BZ-4. 1BZ-5.3
Overall dimension(mm) 4820*2440*1340 5320*2880*1340 5320*3320*1340 5820*3760*1340 5820*4320*1340 6000*5500*1450
Functioning width(mm) 2200 2500 3000 3400 4000 5300
Functioning depth(mm) 180-two hundred
No of disc(pc) 20 24 28 32 36 48
Dia.of disc(mm) 660*6 660*six 660*6 660*6 660*six 660*6
Productivity(ha/h) one.3 one.4 one.9 2.4 three-5
Matched electricity(hp) 80-one hundred 100-120 a hundred-120 120-a hundred and fifty 130-150 a hundred and fifty-200
Linkage Traction Traction Traction Traction Traction Traction

1BZF sequence hydraulic folding weighty duty disc harrow item parameters

Model 1BZF-5.3
Diameter of disc(mm) 660
Weight (kg) 5500
Working width (mm) 5300
Working depth (mm) 180-220
Nos of disc blade forty eight
Matched electrical power (hp) two hundred-300

1BZT sequence hydraulic heavy disc harrow merchandise parameters

Model 1BZT-6.
Diameter of disc(mm) 910
Weight (kg) 11000
Functioning width (mm) 6000
Functioning depth (mm) three hundred-350
Optimum functioning angle 23
Nos of disc blade forty
Matched electricity (hp) three hundred-400

1BQD sequence hydraulic strain contraposion folding light harrow item parameters

Product 1BQD-7.two
Diameter of disc(mm) 460
Weight (kg) 2920
Functioning width (mm) 7200
Functioning depth (mm) a hundred-150
Nos of disc blade eighty four
Matched energy (hp) one hundred twenty-150

1BJX collection hanging medium-sized disc harrow item parameters

Model 1BJX-1.1 1BJX-1.three 1BJX-1.5 1BJX-1.7 1BJX-2. 1BJX-2.two 1BJX-2.four 1BJX-2.5 1BJX-2.eight 1BJX-3. 1BJX-3.4
Functioning width(mm) 1100 1300 1500 1700 2000 2200 2400 2500 2800 3000 3400
Doing work depth (mm) a hundred and forty one hundred forty one hundred forty a hundred and forty 140 140 one hundred forty 140 one hundred forty one hundred forty one hundred forty
No. of disc (laptop) ten twelve 14 16 eighteen twenty 22 24 26 28 32
Dia. Of disc (mm) 560 560 560 560 560 560 560 560 560 560 560
Excess weight(kg) 320 340 360 420 440 463 604 660 seven-hundred 1300 1400
Linkage Three-position suspension
Matched energy (hp) 25-thirty thirty-forty forty forty five fifty-sixty 55-sixty 65-70 seventy five 80 80 one hundred

1BQX sequence hanging light obligation disc harrow item parameters

Model 1BQX-1.1 1BQX-1.3 1BQX-1.5 1BQX-1.7 1BQX-2. 1BQX-2.two 1BQX-2.3 1BQX-3.four 1BQX-5.
Functioning width(mm) 1100 1300 1500 1700 2000 2200 2300 3400 5000
Doing work depth (mm) one hundred-one hundred forty 100-one hundred forty one hundred-a hundred and forty one hundred-140 a hundred-one hundred forty one hundred-a hundred and forty a hundred-140 one hundred-one hundred forty one hundred-one hundred forty
No. of disc (laptop) twelve 14 sixteen eighteen 20 22 24 42 60
Dia. Of disc (mm) 460 460 460 460 460 460 460 460 460
Excess weight(kg) two hundred 220 250 270 380 four hundred 420 1150 1550
Linkage Three-point suspension Tractor traction
Matched energy (hp) twelve–eighteen fifteen-eighteen 20-25 25-30 35-forty forty-forty five fifty five 80-a hundred one hundred twenty

1BQDX sequence hanging pair environment light-weight obligation disc harrow product parameters

Design 1BQDX-1.25 1BQDX-1.six 1BQDX-2. 1BQDX-2.3 1BQDX-2.sixty five 1BQDX-3.
Working width(mm) 1250 1600 2000 2300 2650 3000
Working depth (mm) fifty-a hundred and fifty 50-a hundred and fifty 50-a hundred and fifty fifty-150 50-one hundred fifty 50-150
No. of disc (personal computer) sixteen twenty 24 28 32 36
Dia. Of disc (mm) 460 460 460 460 460 460
Weight(kg) 330 390 460 560 600 650
Linkage Three-position suspension
Matched electricity (hp) 35-40 forty-forty five fifty-sixty fifty five-70 60-eighty 80-90

Total range of disc harrow image screen

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ES collection disc blade Merchandise parameters

Diameter Thickness Weight Plain Weight Notched
300mm 12″ 3 1/8″ one.six 3.five 2.4
330mm thirteen” three one/8″ 1.8 4 1.2 two.six
360mm 14″ 3 one/8″ 2.3 four.9 1.9 four.1
410mm sixteen” three one/8″ 3.two 7 five.nine
460mm 18″ three one/8″ four.3 nine.5 3.eight 8.four
460mm eighteen” 3.five 1/7″ four.6 10.2 four.1 nine
510mm 20″ three.5 one/7″ five.eight five.six eleven.five
510mm twenty” 4 2/13″ 6.five 14.four 5.eight 12.7
560mm 22″ 4 2/thirteen” eighteen 7.five sixteen.five
560mm 22″ 4.five two/eleven” nine twenty eight.5
560mm 22″ five 1/5″ nine.five 21.6 9 19.8
560mm 22″ six fifteen/sixty four” twelve 26.5 11 24.2
610mm 24″ 5 1/5″ 11.3 25 ten.five 23.1
610mm 24″ 6 fifteen/64″ fourteen.2 31.five 13 28.six
660mm 26″ five 1/5″ 14.1 31 13 28.6
660mm 26″ six fifteen/64″ 17 37.5 15.8 34.8
660mm 26″ seven nine/32″ 20 43.five eighteen.five
660mm 26″ 8 5/sixteen” 23 51 21 46
710mm 28″ 6 fifteen/64″ twenty forty four eighteen.5
710mm 28″ seven nine/32″ 23 fifty.6 21.five 46
710mm 28″ 8 five/sixteen” 26 fifty seven.2 24 52.1
760mm thirty” 8 five/sixteen” 29 sixty four 28 sixty one.5
760mm thirty” ten 3/8″ 35 seventy seven 33.5
810mm 32″ 8 5/sixteen” 35 77 33 seventy five
810mm 32″ 10 3/8″ forty three 95 40 68
910mm 36″ 12 one/2″ sixty eight a hundred and fifty 60 132
960mm 38″ twelve one/2″ 77 170 70 154
1016mm forty” 12 one/2″ 82 one hundred eighty seventy seven 169.four
1116mm forty four” twelve one/2″ 89 196 eighty four 184.8

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Manufacturing facility introduction
ZheJiang Euro Star Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a professional Equipment and equipment manufacturer integrating R&D, design and style, production, sales and provider. The firm’s merchandise protect agricultural equipment, building equipment, laser gear, CZPT sets and so on.
As a specialist equipment gear manufacturer in China, the company has committed alone to provide all-spherical answer to international CZPT agricultural mechanization. The firm has integrating large-end items and technologies methods close to the globe by upgrading of technologies, quality and provider and bringing forth new ideas to develop innovative products as so to enhance reputation and marketplace share of CZPT in the planet step by phase.
The company has passed the ISO9001:2015 intercontinental quality administration method certification, and based on this, masking item development, element obtain, generation and production, good quality inspection, sales and after-market services, so as to management the product quality on the total.
Supported by extensive good quality assurance method and produced sales and provider community, the firm has created leaping improve of sales in domestic market place via trustful good quality and excellent support mode. Besides, Most of the company’s merchandise have passed the European CE certification.merchandise are exported to Europe, America, Latin The united states, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, CIS, Africa and more than eighty international locations and areas.Our merchandise have been recognized by all foreign buyers, and we are pleased to create extended-expression cooperative interactions with new friends.
Xihu (West Lake) Dis.g at gratifying the consumers, we have worked tough to provide superb and quick service to customers both at home and abroad by means of sophisticated systems, developed products and extensive community so as to increase the client pleasure.
In future, the business will adhere to the theory of audio company procedure, steady innovation and opening up and cooperation to generate a lot more substantial-stop equipment and products primarily based on present kinds for the culture and for agriculture and contribute to global CZPT agriculture manufacturing.

One particular-end organization chain support assistance method
With an worldwide services crew with wealthy expertise and superb talent, organization is dedicated to develop a complete service ensure method, which is specialist, quickly, successful and complete. Each customer in overseas would get a complete-approach services promise including pre-revenue, on sale and soon after product sales via the way of markets, spare elements, coaching service and technical assist.

one) Market place Services
Service Mode : Stationary Point + Circuit Services
Prolonged-time period Stationary Position Service
Limited-time period Circuit Engineering Assistance Services
Service Process: Standard, Higher Productive, Seasonable
Provider Impression: Expert, Unified

two) Spare Elements Provider
Spare Components Guarantee Measures: Seller+ Spare Element Warehouse
one hundred% original spare components CZPT very good quality
Bar-code system adopted in the total approach assures precision and promptness
Specialist and exact package and CZPT CZPT safe and relieved transportation.

3) Education Provider
Characteristic Training Manner: invite the specialists of sellers to factory for education, deliver engineers to sellers for training
A entire assortment of coaching equipment, multi-language training materials, vivid education video
Skilled coaching teachers with rich provider experience and excellent conversation functionality
One particular-to-1 special assignment training
Distant on the web network training

4) Technological Assistance
The total procedure Technological innovation support handles on sale and after-sale provider.

Phrases of the offer:
1). Shipping and delivery: 20 days for standard orders
two). Value: We have price tag on foundation FOB HangZhou and CIF your spot for your option
three). Payment terms for 1st get:
—–T/T thirty% deposit and equilibrium ahead of cargo
—–a hundred% L/C at sight
four). Payment for prolonged phrases cooperation of good status partners, we have SINOSURE insurance coverage for our VIP clients, and we can offer credit support following we common with each other. We are seeking for partnership for extended-term company

Why select us?
1). The top quality is assured thanks to sturdy technological help ,first class component ,advanced creation line and strict high quality management program.
two). Be major Skilled in worldwide industry for a lot more than 5 many years, China CZPT Export Model suggested by CCCME (China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Digital Products)
three). One particular-stop support with a huge spare elements warehouse and expert provider group .No make a difference in which you are, you are guaranteed of Eurostar’ s warm reception, CZPT and efficient expert services and persistent treatment.

How Cargo?
We have worked with a lot of world CZPT shipping carriers and can arrange cargo to any country in the globe, it can conserve your time and income. We can provide airfreight and CZPT service.

Speak to us
Mr. Duke Zhang
ZheJiang Euro Star Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.
Include: 198 HangZhou Avenue, Xihu (West Lake) Dis. District, HangZhou City, ZheJiang Province,P.R.C.
World wide web:eurostartractor

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Correct angle gearboxes (worm and planetary gears) are sturdy and can be employed for 90° turns. An inline reducer (parallel shaft and planetary) is an perfect matching motor with large enter speeds, or when equipment motor effectiveness is critical. Get in touch with our complex product sales personnel to support determine which transmission answer is best for you.