OEM Design Vacuum Pump Parts Specical Material Iron Casting

OEM Design Vacuum Pump Parts Specical Material Iron Casting

Product Information

Design TK-1230
Specification Consumer OEM Design 
Material  QT400-15
Excess weight forty five.88 kg
Method Casting+Heat treatment
Testing  Visual inspection
Packing  Iron basket

What Can We Do ?

Specification Customer Requirements Customer’s Drawings Samples 3D model BSENISO945 BSEN1561 BSEN1563 GBT1348 GBT9439 ASTMA356-eighty four ASTMA48 JISG5502 JISG5501
Material  Solid Iron Grey Ductile SG 
Process Horizontal greensand Sinto Tokyu Airset moulding CZPTd casting Raw casting
Machining CNC Turning CZPTng HMC VMC Mill-Turning EDM Broaching Grinding
Warmth Treatment Annealing Normalizing Tempering Stress relief Ferritization Induction hardening
Surface Therapy Spray Painting Powder Coating printing sand blast Shot blast Sprucing Galvanizing Phosphating Grinding Washing
Testing  X-Ray CZPTic Particle inspection CZPTsonic Inspection Charpy Low-temperature impact Dye penetrant inspection Spectrometer Hardness Brinell HRC Microscopy Sand screening CZPT Composition Metallurgical 3D ScHangZhou CMM Roughness Profile inspection Tensile screening impulse tests Sectioning Vacuum leak detection Drinking water leak screening force screening Coating thickness Salt spray screening Endoscope
Common IATF16949 ISO9001 OHSAS18001 ISO14001
Packing Sustainable wooden packaging Re-usable packaging Rust prevention VCI baggage Corotex Anti-rust paper Dessicant Oil CoatingCarton boxIron basket

About Sanwa

1. What language(s) can we use to talk with you?
Listed here at Sanwa we have several workers fluent in English and Japanese as nicely as Chinese of course.

two.  Do you make other materials in addition to solid iron?
We specialize to be the very best in grey and ductile forged iron manufacturing. By focusing in this way, we can assure
the ideal high quality substance and emphasis our knowledge on designing processes capable of generating intricate varieties and machined
elements with a substantial degree of precision.

three. What markets do you support?
We have a extensive assortment of products for main generating, casting and machining that enables us to make practically any condition in
solid iron. We can cast parts from 50g to five Tonnes. Normal industry areas for us are pumps, valves, gearboxes,automotive factors, agricultural machinery, railway components and elevator components.

4. Do you have any specialised processes in addition to casting and machining?
At Sanwa we imagine in giving a full service to buyers. We have several in-house ending procedures such as portray,
powder coating, galvanizing and phosphating furthermore buyer distinct inspection products this kind of as vacuum leak testing,
air and liquid strain screening, reduced temperature mechanical testing, X-ray and 3D scHangZhou.

five. What spare generation ability do you have?
We are lucky to be really active at Sanwa but we have the adaptability to make use of additional shifts on processes when
creation bottlenecks arise. Additionally, should this be inadequate, our non-public possession structure allows us to
make investments in buyer certain products or increased ability must buyer demand warrant the expenditure.

6. What machining functionality do you have?
We have in excess of 100 equipment tools, primarily CNC lathes, vertical and horizontal machining centres from Mazak,
CZPT and Dahlih. We also have Mazak mill-turn devices and use three Mazak FMS programs for enhanced
machining effectiveness.

OEM Design Vacuum Pump Parts Specical Material Iron Casting